Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another snow from the East

We are under a winter storm warning through tomorrow afternoon, about the time I need to be at work.

Thus far, at almost 11 pm, we have about a little over an inch on the porch (more where the porch door drift is beginning to form) and predictions for up to 14 inches and increasing winds which will mean more blowing snow.

I find it interesting that, through January, ALL the snows came from the west and starting in Feb, thus far, all have come from the East.

We got a small electronic thermometer with a remote sensor for outside, that will do max/min readings at the hardware store today and (after a trip back out for AAA batteries, of which we had none in the stash) got it installed. The remote unit is on the north wall of the garage and at last look was reading 30 degrees F. That pretty much goes along with what I felt when I walked out on the porch to check out the snow.

Our plow guy was here today to clean up the remainders from the last storm that had drifted around and to finish up his work, which he felt had been incomplete as the plow broke before he got "done" when he plowed us out from the last snowfall.

On other topics, March 4 I need to take my hex sign "Everything She Touches Changes" (shown here) down to the Community College in Bangor, to be part of the first installation of a rotating show to be put on by the Maine Crafts Association. "As part of MCA's partnership with Eastern Maine Community College in establishing the new degree program in Traditional and Contemporary Craft, we have arranged to create a permanent display of work by MCA members in a large museum display case on the EMCC Bangor campus in Maine Hall. MCA's staff will maintain the display, changing the exhibited works on a regular basis, approximately once each semester." I am a member of the Association and was selected, along with about 8 other crafters, to be included in this initial showing.

This piece was created for a show of work by the Worldwide Women Artists Organization and was included in their international show through March, 2007, at the New Port Ritchie (Florida) gallery. That show was entitled "A Woman's Work is Never Done."

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oldcrow61 said...

That's a lovely hex sign.