Monday, February 9, 2009


... as opposed to leaks, of course. LOL

Today I MUST go to the garage and bring in at least one of the containers I have been saving to use as a mini indoor greenhouse to start seeds and plant the leeks.

Also on the list is a snowshoe trip out to the back with kitty litter and around to the compost with another bucket full.

I have learned from my first Master Gardener class what I knew in the first place, I have a slow compost pile -- because I don't have the "proper mix" of stuff at hand to build a fast one. And that will just have to do. I am also not going to be insulating my pile to keep it working through the long Maine winter, though I did see a great use of pallets in one of the slides at class, to contain the pile. Come spring, when I have use to the farm truck again, I will seek out a few as this will at least allow me to keep the pile from blowing over!

We have lost a good bit of snow over the past day, judging by the amount of fence and post visible in the corner of the dog yard, and the forecast for mid-week is showing temps in the melt range again, though they are also teasing with hints of snow, and rain.

The little birds, now identified as Snow Buntings, seem content to visit every day and yesterday a group of from 4 to over a dozen spent much time sunning themselves on the peak of the garage roof (which annoyed the bedroom cats no end!) and occasionally flitting over to the ground where I am scattering some seed each day.

For the crows, yesterday was a bust. I saw one sitting on the snow pile near the seed with a look of "no way!" on its face, but I did not have any old bread to throw. K fixed that, though, snagging the extra uneaten dinner roll from our lunch out yesterday and I have thrown its crumbs this morning.

Much to be done today, and it is a day at the store, too... tomorrow we will head out for K's appointment at 9 and while he sees the counselor, I'll hit the nearby drug store and then we'll pick up my pay and head into the city for our monthly major shopping, so tomorrow will pretty much be used up away from home.

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oldcrow61 said...

Nice to see that the birds are coming around. Our weather has been a bit strange as well. Bitterly cold for a few days then a bit above zero. Spring is a long way off yet though.