Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's been a while

Sometimes life just takes over, but to be honest, I am not sure what it did or how it happened.

I've had a few shifts at the store (one closing, last night followed by a return engagement at 9 this morning undoubtedly fried more than a few brain cells today) and a couple of nights of insomnia (made worse by an increase, though only at night it seems, in congestion and crud flowing down the back of my throat that, because of work the next day and the crazy notion that if I am not drugged, maybe I can actually USE the morning) has been pretty much untreated. Which of course means that I have been less then totally productive in the mornings as well.

Ah, life. sometimes preferable only when you take the time to consider the alternatives! LOL

Yesterday, I was surprised to discover that Valentines Day is apparently a heavy drinking holiday (who would have guessed?!). I came to this conclusion based on the amount of hard liquor and beer that left the store last night -- much more than a typical Saturday. K's comment: Maybe that's what it takes for them to get their women into bed! LOL I did have time to throw a pizza as a surprise for K.. he had been wanting one from the store and I managed to make it heart shaped. We ate half when I got home last night and the rest is for supper, with salad, tonight.

Today I spent the afternoon catching a friend up on a missed Master Gardener class (not that he needed it, though I did need the review, and much more! He's studied botany previously.. I have not) and visiting, as well as returning a canning jar to another friend and making another visit. Both live near each other but not near me, so I didn't get home until after dark. And with my odd hours of late, I am tired.

I won't get to take my NiQuil tonight or tomorrow night either.. Tomorrow I have to have 2 kitties at the vet by 8:30AM for they neuter... Moose and 13's times have come. And Tues starts in Dover at 9 with K's counseling appt, followed by a busy (and as they will be for another couple of months, LONG) day: pick up paycheck on the way to Bangor, EEG appt (for which K needs to be sleep deprived... another reason I won't be getting much sleep Mon night!), and stop at the PO and CU, along with a bit of catch-up grocery shopping and lunch, and of course get K home in time to turn around and head back into Bangor for my Master Gardener class at 6. And they call this a "day off!" LOL Gotta do some shopping though to make sure I have all the stuff to be able to throw chili in the crock pot for supper with friends who are coming over on Thurs (my REAL day off!)

Which reminds me, K likes kidney beans in his chili and they take an inordinately long time to cook.. I better get some started tonight and they can get stored in the fridge, if need be, until time to make chili.

On another note, I am amazed at how well snow melts here in Maine when the temperatures are well below 32 degrees F. As far as I understood the temperature scale, water freezes at 32, which seems to indicate that when it is around 10 degrees lower than that it should likely remain frozen. Not here, apparently, as we have been having constant snow melt for the past few days. First it appeared that the birdbath was getting taller... then there was a small dark patch near it that caught K's attention and wonder. Before I could make good on my intention to snowshoe out to see what it was, the melt continued to reveal about the top 2' of the large flat rock, the existence of which I had forgotten.

Even in the solid ice of the driveway, puddles of standing water appear to be, well, standing... and we have used no salt anywhere but immediately by the steps.


There are chances of snow in the forecast through the week, with the best chance they say come Thurs. Hope it doesn't blow our dinner party!


oldcrow61 said...

lol, I'm exhausted reading about all you've been doing in a day. Seems non-stop.

Jj Starwalker said...

yes, it pretty much is. That's what I do... I DO stuff! LOL

But last night at class I got hit with chills big time, think the flu bug finally got me. I practically baked K last night, when I turned up the heated mattress pad and added a heating pad for my feet, when I got home to get into bed.

I called in sick at work, even though I had a short (5 hr) day today and am pretty much just laying around, aching despite Advil.