Friday, February 20, 2009

pretty snow

Hopefully after a short bout with the creeping crud, I am on the upswing again. I really have no choice but to go to work today and tomorrow and they are usually heavy days. But I will cope. At least I don't have to try to "look nice" and wear business attire. Our normal gear is jeans and t-shirts (for me, sweatshirts and turtlenecks) but one gal came in one day wearing fuzzy PJ pants (the only clean pair of jeans had an inappropriate rip at the last minute!) so if I feel like sweats, I'll do it. I AM going to layer, as my temperature has not stabilized yet. I was sweating much of the night though upon awakening, the thermometer told me I was about 2 degrees F below my usual normal. I don't feel woozy or weak, at least, though I know I am not 100% and will likely not be as aggressive in the heavier work as I usually am (no 2-litre or mop-bucket workouts this evening! LOL) and for the safety of the customers, I will wash frequently and try to stay on the register (where the $$ is most likely already totally contaminated with germs) and away from the food.

Looking out the window, I am not sure if it is still snowing a bit or if I am just seeing drifting, but I will have to shovel off the porch a bit and the plow guy has been here. We are back to looking like winter in Maine -- as we should in February -- with a fluffy layer covering the brown crud.

After going to let to dog back in, I can report that it is snowing, gently, from the west as usual. The previous snow, all yesterday, came from the East. Most unusual here!

This being Friday, it is the day I set aside to especially honor Frigga and her Handmaidens and tend the cauldron of the Needfire. As long as I have been doing this practice I have done it in the evening after tending worldly chores and concerns. Since I get off late now, and have been worn out from the busy Friday nights at the store I have been thinking about doing it earlier in the day and today I shall do so. We'll see how it works and whether it will become a usual practice. After I am done with this entry, receive and post the Words of Wisdom and have had breakfast and a bath (which I dislike doing in the morning, but after a night of sweating, it's pretty much necessary before I scratch my skin off!) I will go attend the Ladies.

Then when I stagger home from work tonight I can plunk myself straight into bed if I like.

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