Sunday, February 8, 2009

January thaw (late) or hints of spring (early)?

A record high temperature of 47 degrees was set at Bangor Maine today
at around noon EST. This breaks the old record of 42 set in 1990. (WeatherUnderground)

It was above freezing when I came home from work last night, shortly after 9 pm and warm today (though it felt a bit cooler thanks to the VERY BRISK) wind we have blowing (gusting to 26 MPH).

We have had some serious melt going on, though the total height of the snow doesn't seem to have dropped much (as per an eyeball assessment of the amount of birdbath visible in the front field.) The driveway was slush and it was easy to clear the dropped snow and ice from the floor of the garage.

I had planned to plant the leek seed today, but the NiQuil I took last night to allow me to sleep kinda ate into my day, so I will go out and pick through the recycled packaging I have been saving for seed flats tomorrow and put them in.

Mostly spend today working on a web site redesign for the Corinth Historical Society ( I am volunteering my time and server space to get them moved off Angelfire -to look more serious and remove my annoyance at the freeserver crap when I go to their site.) I also think it will be a good way to meet folks and to get to know my new home town.

I have been hurting quite a bit of late, at least part is the due to my coughing and such from the crud that I keep almost -- but not quite -- fighting off and part is surely on account of my being "off" a bit after cutting my finger at work while slicing onions. It is healing but of course still hurts (who would guess how much one uses the SIDE of one's left index finger!) and at work I must wear a glove to do anything involving water (for the sake of the finger) and food (for the sake of sanitation, and the finger. I don't think antibiotic ointment and pizza dough make a very healing poultice. LOL)

Tomorrow the forecast is back to more seasonal temps, but by mid-week, once again, they are showing highs in the mid-30s and teasing possible snow. We will see...

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City Mouse said...

Oh, we're having it down here in New York too - It's just the worst! Spring weather and you know it's only a tease! I started calling it "The January Fakeout." Ah, well. Still lovely to have a day's worth though. Love reading your blog!