Thursday, February 5, 2009

not quite so backlit birds

Well, a few of the flock were at the seed a bit after lunch and did not even attempt to fly when I approached the door, so I was able to try to get a bit better photos.

Still not good ones, on account of the distance, having to use the zoom at max AND the funky double pane window that seems to have just enough fog in the are I have to shoot through in order to get the closest ones, eating on the ground, to make those photos badly out of focus. However, the birds on the snowbank were easier to shoot, even if they were not so cooperative in positioning themselves.

The DO have ruddy bits on them, somewhat as the photos and illustrations of the Redpolls indicate. Perhaps young and females? winter coloration or variation in the species maybe??


Robin said...

Ah! Snow buntings. They're tricky to identify because they look very different in winter than summer.

oldcrow61 said...

Ah, just read Robins comment. I was going to say that they weren't Redpolls, lol Not Juncos either but Juncos are a bit nervous and are ground feeders although they will get on the feeders I have in the trees.