Sunday, March 1, 2009

Busy time since the last snowfall!

It has been far too long since I blogged, but much has been keeping me very busy. I even took a bunch of shots after the last snowfall on the 25th, which has mostly disappeared in subsequent warm spells and rain.

However, here are a few shots I would like to share..
A weed manages to still show its head, a place where the snow has drifted FROM, with lines from the branches nearby crossing the drift waves, frozen in time.

And several birch branches, reaching down to touch their shadows on the snow.

Followed by a couple of shots K took of me on my snowshoes. That "bush" I am next to is actually a small silver maple TREE that, if it needed topping, would not have been much of a reach for me to do!

Below are the first tracks I have seen in the yard other than the crows feet around the compost. I am not sure what they were...

Anyway, I have been busy trying to get the Park Service project done (we are still in revisions), working, enjoying the snow and the melt, planting cabbage seeds to join the leeks in the front window and spending a lot of time on the phone and in computer chat with daughters in Utah who are all wanting to pick my brain, all of a sudden, about gardening! It's an interesting challenge trying to use my new Master Gardener lessons long distance and in a climate where I have never gardened (but I did do a lot on the western slope of CO, which is not THAT far different... )

I managed to make it to a meeting of the local Historical Society this morning as well... quite by accident almost, as I had not set the reminder right on the calendar program and saw the meeting on the calender with 15 minutes to spare when I logged on to check on bills needing paid. OOPS! Off I went (paid bills when I got back home) to a very enjoyable meeting with several local ladies whom I had not previously met. I am going to enjoy working with this crowd, I am quite sure.

Tomorrow -- despite threats of another storm -- my day will be spent heading out to Calais to greet some new Maine friends who only just arrived today! I met these folks online a while back and had truly expected them to be in Maine far before I was able to move. To have them roll "into town" exactly one year after we did is mind blowing on many, many levels and I am quite anxious to finally meet them in person! So neither snow nor sleet nor having to pass the snowplow will keep me from Calais tomorrow. I just hope my plow guy comes by while I am gone!

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oldcrow61 said...

You look like you're enjoying yourself on the snow shoes. Pictures are great!