Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Moon, Stirring the Pot

New natural year, new moon -- both the sun and moon are in Aries which seems to be a time of much "stirring of the pot". I was going to say "..for good and ill" but since mostly I think changes are neutral and the good or ill comes in how we work with and deal with them, well I left that part off.

There has been "drama" at work (mostly one co-worker stirring the pot and her target is -- at present at least -- not me.) I do feel for the younger gal who is current the focus of her fussing, though and will be calling Syn forth in her behalf today.

Riding other threads, I had the thought a few days ago -- after learning that one of my long-held contracts was getting pulled (victim of the recession) -- of a "money spell" that I had been taught and by an online friend and used remarkably successfully previously. It is a visualization spell, and I only just did it momentarily -- almost automatically -- as I remembered it, in the instant of walking between my Craft room and the bedroom to get my clothes for work. That distance is, oh, about 10 ft... so you can see there was not a lot of time put into the visualization!

However since that moment -- this week -- I have had two additional queries regarding hex signs. One is from a disgruntled buyer of someone else's sign that was marketed as being for outdoor use but painted on and with inferior materials, it would appear. It is disintegrating after only three years. This person is querying about the durability of my work and cost for a 3' sign. I had to price plywood, and had told her I would send a photo of my oldest sign (which I think was actually made of the sort of material hers was.. I explained it was an experiment and what I now use) and I need to get the email out to her today.

The second query was in my box this morning -- from a police dept in PA seeking a custom design to incorporate in their patches. Interesting concept... I have told them they were especially in luck on account of my "other hat" as a graphic designer) and asked more questions about the project (size, etc) so I can come up with something that will work in that application.

Meanwhile, the snow is departing and I am actively looking for some sort of tiller, am continuing to plant and transplant in the seedling area and am considering trying to cobble together a cold frame from some of the lumber and windows that I have stored. We got an additional light fixture for the seed racks this week (one each week, most likely, until we have enough) and I taught K how to transplant.

Today will be a busy day, and I have client work to do, hexes to paint, material that I need to send out, and some organizing of the office and hunting down of archived material in the garage that needs doing too.

Brandi-dog, who had her spay on Tues, is doing better. She is not yet interested in her kibble but I have a couple of cans of wet food that I will add to it over the next few days. She has pain meds, 2x a day... I got them in her with a bite of egg from an unsold breakfast sandwich yesterday night. She seems to be going up and down the front steps ok, but I won't let her out the back until she is off her meds.

K, with his sleep machine, is doing less well. I am thinking that perhaps he really needs to have the "over the mouth and nose" apparatus. He can only sleep with it a couple of hours and wakes up with a very dry mouth, despite the water in the tray. He has decided to nap with it, any time he feels sleepy, to see if he can begin to get "caught up" on good sleep, and we will go back to the place that supplied it in a month for follow-up.

I am looking forward to the new moon working this evening. It is especially nice being able to do it on a night when I did not have to work and can properly prepare. Thank you, Universe!


Amelia said...

Todd is still struggling with his CPAP too. He doesn't get a dry mouth though, so be sure to mention that to them when you go in for a follow up, it may be that the humidity level is too low, or that he's not keeping his mouth closed to sleep, in which case all the air meant to keep his airway open is whistling out his mouth, causing it to dry out.

Todd's problem is getting used to having the thing on his head/face. I think that will just take time to adjust to, and he's wearing it diligently despite not getting a good night's sleep.

Anonymous said...

Sounds as though you are having an interesting time. I feel for the girl you work with who is being fussed about.
I hope Brandi dog and K begin to feel better. It is such a nice time of year to be out and enjoying life.

Blessed Be

Jj Starwalker said...

Brandi is doing great. K said when she went out at 4 this morning she insisted on her walk to the mailbox (which K has done the last two mornings as part of her first outing, which wasn't nearly so early! LOL Some things they learn SO fast, other things not so much...

Someone else suggested upping the temp of the water to try to make it more humid and we will try that. I had noticed that he tended to open his mouth the first night but when I have seen him since, he doesn't seem to. He has an advantage over Todd, though, in having gotten used to stuff in/over his head, nose and mouth as a result of being in the fire dept and being a scuba diver.