Thursday, March 19, 2009

in preparation for Spring

Whatever you call it -- Ostara/Eostre, Summer Finding or Vernal Equinox -- tomorrow will be marked as a day of transition, the turning point between winter and summer.

Even here in the northlands of Maine, the Turning is obvious. The fields,which a week ago were still covered with snow, now show major portions of earth. More is being revealed each day, as daytime temps come to the 40s and low 50s and we have turned the supplemental heat off the exposed pipes as with the night temps reaching only the 20s, freezing is not an issue now.

The winter birds seem to have left but I have yet to see any of their spring and summer cousins. Some of the trees are beginning to show the barest hint of awakening as their buds show tiny bits of swelling. You have to look close though!

The days are lengthening by seconds a morning, and similar at the evening and more importantly I am feeling the changes inside.

Today, the third of my days off this week, found me busy and motivated with an internal drive to do things that, while they could have been done at any time, seemed to take on new importance as part of a natural ritual leading into the turning of the tide, tomorrow. Clothing suitable for the depth of winter, that I had not worn for a week or more, had called me to gather it up earlier this week. Today I took it to the garage and dug out the trunks, searching for transitional items for the coming weeks. Leather and denim jackets were swapped for my winter coats and a large pile of turtleneck shirts went into storage, replace by a paltry few long or 3/4 length sleeve blouses. I don't have much for this season, for working out at the store, I found.

I also made the quarterly run to the dump, took out the compost and checked on the berry bushes and other perennials that I planted last year. These latter tasks called for snowshoes -- likely their last wearing in this cycle, so they are now in the garage along with the snow shovel.

When I got back in the house, the spring cleaning bug bit me hard and I spent the rest of the day working on the living room (including cutting and hanging herbs from the planter gardens to dry), setting up a fan to blow on my newly transplanted seedlings and spent some time in the kitchen and bathroom as well. Floors have been vacuumed, swept and mopped as appropriate and the hex sign to fill my newest order got its design drawn on and the painting started today.

We had friends for supper this evening. He said tomorrow at 7:44 would find him, beer in hand, toasting the turning of the year. Myself, I'll pot up some more cabbages for those who want them and hail the turning of the season in a more quiet way. I think most of my ritual was done today.

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oldcrow61 said...

The spring cleaning bug hit me a few days ago. It was a great feeling to get things done after the long winter. Tonight we will be toasting Spring with friends.