Tuesday, March 17, 2009

two days ago they weren't but now they are

I went out to try to shovel some of the gravel -- which has sunk and frozen rather thoroughly into the plowed snowbanks -- OFF said banks and therefore out of the garden and lawn. I was somewhat successful, but next year if we are NOT plowing ourselves we WILL have the gardens staked and woe be unto the Plow Guy who pushes snow there.

While I was out I did a bit of a reconnoiter and discovered some of my spring bulbs pushing through the earth. I have been looking almost daily and today there they were -- daffys I think and maybe a crocus or two -- about an inch or less above the (now somewhat gravelly) bed next to the drive.

It appears that some (but not all) of the birches are just at the bare beginnings of breaking dormancy. The maple is still asleep, thankfully. Looking at it with newly educated eyes I can see it for what it is at present -- a poster child for the Master Gardener pruning class last Saturday. I do not think there is a single one of the basic reasons to prune for the health of the tree that is not represented. Most are there in multiple presentations.

I had originally gone to look at it with the idea of bringing it back from the driveway a bit, however in the process of doing the REQUIRED pruning, that will doubtless follow without specific attention. Most of the birch seem to be in better shape in that regard, thankfully.

But anyway, Thursday I will make sure to buy a decent small hand pruning saw and longer handled lopper to go along with my hand pruners. Believe me, I will need all of the above.

I have also gotten bit with the Great Spring Clothing Shuffle bug. It has been too warm for a couple of weeks to comfortably wear my turtlenecks. I think I am acclimating -- or this year is already warmer than last -- or Corinth is warmer than Milo -- as I have been too warm in my turtleneck shirts at work for a couple of weeks. So I have pulled them and my heavier long johns and all but one of my winter skirts/dresses (most of which I wore very little this year and will be considered next fall for the charity pile) and sweaters and most of my heavier winter outer gear out to bags for a trip to the garage soon. I need to get out there, dig out the storage chests and see what can be brought out of them and how much needs to be gotten rid of just to have storage space. I have way too many clothes for this part of my life, I think. I am remembering back to the "canyon years" when I had a couple of "town outfits" and mostly wore old stuff. The garden and the goats didn't care. Now I have a few things for the store (halfway decent but not good, as they will be bleach spotted eventually), the farm clothes and far too much "town stuff."

This has been a pretty productive day for a Tues, largely because we had no collective errands in town. I studied during K's counseling and then took us both to Shaws, where I get my vigil candles. That gave K a bit of "wander time" in a less familiar and rather neat store and got me a new supply of candles and (finally... mid-March) a bouquet of daffodils (imported from England, no less! LOL)

I took Brandi-dog with me on the paycheck/post office/bank run, but left K at home and the only other errands I added on to that were quick stops at Blue Seal to get a few flats for planting out cabbages tomorrow and a brief stop at Goodwill.

Got some winter clothes in the washer, the first load of dishes done and am off to finish that job (left undone for far too long...) before heading to class.

Oh, and I will shoot pix of the "poster child" tree to share later.

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oldcrow61 said...

How lovely that you have spring bulbs poking their heads out of the earth. I'm afraid we won't see that for a while as there is still quite a bit of snow on the ground with another storm to hit here tomorrow.