Saturday, March 28, 2009


Though I look out my window at a field that is thoroughly frosted and not entirely free of snow, I KNOW things are growing.

Yesterday on a trip back from town the emerging catkins on one of the Salix discolor (known as "pussy willow" in the places where "pussy" still connotes a purring feline -- unlike my favorite forum on City-Data, where my post about this sign of spring was edited into "***** willow! LOL) caught my attention. Three of these little trees that I started from roadside cuttings last spring are now planted along our driveway and one of the three now has tiny catkins! The jury is still out on the other two. While I was admiring the new growth, I checked out the lilacs and found swelling buds as well. Better get to the pruning of the roadside maple, pronto I guess!

Inside, my new growing racks are growing fuller..

early lettuces -- the ones that were large enough to transplant this week

Baby Brussel Sprouts (which I am never sure how to spell but do know how to cook!) This variety is called Oliver.

Early cabbages (Gonzales, I think...)

Danish Ballhead (late) cabbages... I had TONS of these guys, gave away more than I have here

and the leeks

And there are now peppers seeded and more tomatoes will be planted today as I ran out of time yesterday.

Now, all I need to do is to materialize a rototiller or a small tractor with a tiller attachment in the next month.

You listening up there??


Amelia said...

Gasp, you are going to be eating Oliver???

Your starts are beautiful, and plentiful.

I've been wandering our property to see what's growing on (ha ha) and we have several forsythia that I didn't know about (I can only recognize them in the spring) a lilac, some kind of spring bulbs (leaves only, so far, but I'm hoping for tulips or daffodils) and our big hawthorn has swelling buds, and will be bursting into hot pink splendor any day. Can't wait! It's always fun the first year in a new house to see what comes up.

Jj Starwalker said...

Yes, with any luck we will be eating lots and LOTS of little Olivers...

Think of this when he is acting up... LOL

Yes, it is fun to see what you get, perennial and woody shrubs, etc through the seasons. We have not been here for a spring, either, but I know many of the plants now by having seen them elsewhere (mostly along the roadsides) from last spring through the summer.

I salvaged a couple of forsythia but didn't have the house quite yet when I got them so they are planted temporarily in my friend Todd's yard. (by the way, his sister is named Amy!) I'll get them after they have bloomed this spring; they are easy to transplant and grow. My Todd, a landscaper, calls them a "weed shrub" because they grow too well!