Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No worms in this moon for us!

Somewhere, in some tradition, this month's full moon (just past) is called the "worm moon" so I read. But not here in Maine... worms are at least a month away, maybe more... I have yet to figure this out.

Here I would call it Changing Moon, for the season IS changing, slowly, and more definitely back and forth between days that feel like spring (like yesterday, with temps in the mid-40s, riding around on errands with the windows down and opening the house to air it out upon our return home in the afternoon) and days that once again remind us that it is not yet spring, either by the calendar or the climate. We have a wet flurry of snow or maybe sleet falling outside the window and the temps have fallen seriously overnight, so that today feels once again like winter.

So it changes, and changes back and will change again, as the sun comes scrambling, clawing, fighting its way back to dominance for the seasons of growth and the old man of winter struggles for one more day, one more week before taking to his grave.

Here at Hearthfire Hill we have seedlings sprouting and soon to need transplant separation and have acquired a new, larger rack for them to live on and the first two, of many, shop lights to augment the sunny south-facing windows in which they live. The new rack is much larger than the first one, and will go in front of the actual window and the smaller of the two (both on rollers) will be eventually rolled in front of the glass paneled front door. This was not my idea, believe it or not, though I heartily seconded it! K came up with it and the plan to roll the seedlings into the light in the morning, with the space next to the door (in the small hall by the heater closet/office/bathroom) designated for the shelving unit when the door needs to be used. The door opens out, so even if the shelves have not been moved when I come in from work, they will not be a problem.

We have also been thinking about this entrance way -- which needs work for many reasons, and are considering opening up the wall and beefing up the wall structure so that when we replace the door, it will be with a sliding glass patio door rather than a solid wood one. We agree that, having gotten used to the openness and light levels of the existing glass door, we would not be happy with a solid wood one in the future. And think of the extra light for seed starting in the spring!

I am so happy to be with someone who "get it" in the sense that our home should be the workshop for our lives and our occupations and avocations; that it should match us and not force us into a mold and a lifestyle that doesn't fit.


Robin said...

I warn new comers that the house is not immaculate - this is a farm. And the town office. And my office. Right now there are about a thousand seedlings in the dining room, parts to a new shelving unit on the floor, a basket and a box of seeds, my file cabinet, two 40 lb bags of dog food, a printer in its box, a brief case and a pair of boots on the boot dryer. I'm pretty sure there's a dining room table under here some where. This isn't just home, it's where we live and work.

Jj Starwalker said...

Sounds like here, Robin! K just assembled the new shelving unit (it is HUGE) and suspended the two lights from shelves. I haven't moved plants yet... I have to deal with food and get to work at the store... have a large hunk of pork to slice up and ground beef to patty and freeze, crockpot stewed chicken to debone still. Got the staples put away, but the cat food is still in the living room.

oldcrow61 said...

Sounds like the weather here. One day warm and sunny, the next day snow flurries. Spring is certainly trying to show itself though.