Thursday, November 20, 2008

back among the living

I started my new part time job at the corner store yesterday. They call it a convenience store but for those of you not familiar with what that means in Maine, let me describe the place.

Bigger than a breadbox, but not much. but yes, it is a bit larger than the typical 7-11 (which there are none of in Maine, by the way) but not quite as large, physically, as what I remember as the neighborhood grocery store, from the old days (you know.. the 50s? LOL)

They have a fresh meat market and a meat cutter who comes in 2 or 3 times a week, grind their own 90/10 and 80/20 ground beef, a small grocery section, some refrigerated and frozen groceries, lots of snack foods, candy, ice cream, drinks -- including beer, wine and a good selection of the hard stuff -- pet food, animal feed, savings for animal bedding, nuts, bolts and the like, a bit of fishing gear, (and this is NOT a complete list) and made-on-premesis, to go foods including burgers, pizza, hot dogs, sub sandwiches, "baskets" (chicken nuggets, fish, etc.). Plus the sell gas, diesel, kerosene and exchange propane tanks. Oh, and I can't forget the lottery and smokes...


Oh, and this being Maine, they tag deer, bear, turkey... for the fish and game folks. Learned how to do that yesterday, among other things.

Lots to learn, not hard work, just standing a lot. I bent my knees and circled my ankles fairly often and though I was hurting and hobbling when I got home, I feel ok now.

... after a hot bath, a glass of wine and (on account of the congestion still bigging me) a nighttime cold cap... which put me out cold at 9 last night.

Today I am going to try to put out the mailbox, if I can get one more coat of paint to dry on the bottom of the board that secures it and this afternoon am going to clean under rabbit hutches for a lady in a nearby town, to manure more of the garden. And hopefully work on the Words of Wisdom book a bit, I am almost halfway through and it has been going faster as I get into the groove.
Oh, and an aside to my daughter, who posted on her blog about Getting Things Done and how she is amazed at how much I get done -- and how much I did even with youngsters "under foot" as she remembers back... On those times when I had an ultra-clingy 2 YO... every one of you were 2 and sick more than once, y'know .... I didn't get much done. It was the time in between you really are remembering... and truly more kids are easier in that regard and just one, typically, as they can entertain themselves or at least distract each other for a bit now and again. I did not have a kid with extended needs, 24/7. I am amazed by YOUR resiliance, Amy!

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