Thursday, November 13, 2008

Full moon day

This was the view that greeted me this morning when I opened the door of the craft room to let Brandi out in the brisk foredawn morning.... Fulla's moon, a few hours past peak full, setting in the north northwest. Thanking the Powers That Be on this day for the bringing to fullness, with the full moon, of my new moon working for abundance, in the guize of a job.

I have heard over and over how hard/impossible it is to get a job -- any job -- in Maine and especially in the rural areas, if you aren't kin with roots back several generations. Well, perhaps things are changing. My new boss was apparently repeatedly disappointed by the lack of work ethic in the last few youngsers he hired. Not I don't know that they are old Maine family kids, mind you... but I do know he hired me and I sure don't even know folks here, let along be kin to them.

And this was the view out our office window yesterday. The sun popped out from under a cloud layer just before setting, bathing these bare trees to the East, and the neighbors horses, in the colors of autumn once again.

Earlier in the day, while we were working to repair a split in the plumbing near the new pressure tank, we got peppered (or many it should be salted) by a flurry of these "fairy snowballs" -- or that is what they made me think of. Out in Colorado, where I was hanging with some cross country skiers, I believe they called it "corn snow."

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