Sunday, November 30, 2008

Going to be a strange week...

this is going to be an "interesting" week and if you don't see much of me, this will be why.
  • I work this afternoon until 8, then on Mon and Wed 4-9 (closing).
  • there is a semi-naked tree in the living room that needs dressing
  • hexes to paint
  • leaving Thurs for NC -- plane depart at 6 AM from Portland, a couple of hours or more away. Put this together with Wed. schedule... grrr
  • Fri - Sun working in NC, meeting clients, photographing a 3-day event
  • Plus, of course, all the usual chores.
I am hoping K is feeling well enough to drive me to the airport and pick me up, as I HATE long drives these days and if he doesn't feel up to it, he will insist that I take the Subaru, leaving him with the manual trans old truck which, if he is not feeling good, he cannot drive, therefore stranding him.

I also have not yet got the illustrations done for the kids book, nor all the layout on the Words of Wisdom book, though I am making progress on that.

so I suppose I better sign off here and get on with it, eh?

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