Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Under the Weather

Actually the REAL weather is not bad... it is overcast, but we are on a warming trend and the wind which was so brisk and cold yesterday and more so the day before has abated.

However ever since I got in from completing the insulation and crack-stuffing under the craft room, I have been feeling rather more under the weather than I like. I had first tried to attribute it to having got soap in both of my eyes, as I rinsed my hair under the shower rather than in the tub as I usually do -- making sure to get all the residual fiberglas off. But even after my eyes stopped being irritated from that and time enough had passed that I should no longer be sneezing from the stirred up dust, I have remained puffy-eyed, congested and achey. Not really SICK but not feeling well and energetic either. Damn. I hate this.

Spent a fun time yesterday visiting with my friend Farmer Robin and her step mom (a resident of Corinth), though, and did a good bit of work on the Museum book ad section. Still too many ads hanging fire and no content yet...

I need to get invoices out, some to post and most to email or fax, today so that they postal ones can be carried to town when we go in for K's eye exam. Post office and bank runs, of course and I think I was not feeling well even Saturday when we went shopping, as there are several things that were on the list that I overlooked and several more that are needed and were not even listed, so I will pick them up today, I hope. A few groceries and the hardware store list that we just plain didn't do, as K was not feeling well. I will have to make a bit of an out-of-the-way trip to the orchard to get more local applies today though.

I did get out around the property this morning though. I had scooped the cat boxes and had droppings to spread on the back field, and it was warm enough, so I did the walkaround that I would like ot make a habit, at least one circuit each morning. Three times around should equal close to a mile, if I want to exercise and/or take the dog. But this morning I went alone and on the way back in (I walk out the back door, North to the boundary then around sunwise, and back to the house) I was keeping senses open for the land to help me locate the center of the Handmaiden Grove I am planning to plant. And I believe it has... there is a rock (I do not know if it is simply a small on on the surface or a larger one showing just a bit) near, but not quite on one of the higher places in the gently rolling land. I stood there a bit facing north, then circled round, then paced off radius in each of the cardinal direcitons. Then I walked to the nearly highest point -- slightly to the west -- but was returned to my original rock point. We will see... I will check it out again when I next walk.



Glad I did remember to buy the Kleenex that was on the list.

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oldcrow61 said...

I find that when I kick up a lot of dust doing one thing or another I sometimes get a runny nose and sneezing for a day. It's dreadful! I know exactly what you're going through. I'm interested in the Handmaidens Grove. Can you describe exactly what it is? Hope you're feeling better today.