Sunday, November 9, 2008

Museum book crunch time

You won't see much of me for the next week or so... It is "crunch time" for the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum yearbook, and then follows promotion of their Waterfowl Weekend event.

This 64 page book (think corporate annual report) is put together each year by the Director and me with community business ads in the back (about 20 pages... this is what we have been working on up until now and it is finally finished and ready to go to press...) and the remainder of the book which we are working on now, is about what they have done over the year (write ups and photos) as well as a list of members and contributors in various categories.

I had been told, when I moved, that this project would no longer fall to me, though I was to continue working on their web sites and email promotions. However, apparently they changed their minds. It will be different -- working totally electronically. Though in the past at least 90 % was done via email and phone, there was always at least one or two visits by the director to the studio -- often in the wee hours -- when we would meet in our robes and fuzzy slippers to trade hard copies, look over edits etc.

It will be strange not answering the door at 3 AM, or having the national park superintendent (still in his ranger uniform) dropping a pile of edits in my hand, having gotten drafted by the Director (the park headquarters and museum are next door to one another) as a messenger, when she found he was heading my way.

See y'all on the other side!

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