Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Socked in

We have FOG. It looks and feels like there should be a warm front somewhere, but the weather map does not agree. In any case, I can barely see the horses in the next field and when I put the dog out, could not see the house across the road.

I am still not feeling totally well. I guess the herbs and vitamin C will continue, though if it dries out enough I do hope to get out to rake some more clippings, finish the dog yard (I finally picked up a few more posts and a bit more fencing) and such, in the predicted 60 degree temps.

I had a question from reader OldCrow61 about my mention of the Handmaidens Grove so I will digress a bit and talk more about spiritual stuff than I usually do in this forum.

For the last few years, I have been called to walk with and learn from and of some of the Northern tradition Gods and Goddesses, most notably Frigga and her 12 handmaidens, the Goddesses Syn, Fulla, Gna, Var, Lofn, Eir, Sjofn, Hlin, Saga, Gefion, Snotra and Vor. You can learn more about them, and this path, from my friend and fellow-traveler D. Kate Dooley who has written the book, The Spindle Hearth and who more or less chairs a Yahoo group of those of like mind, Spindle and Broom.

Each of us walks our walk with the Ladies a little differently... hears their voices in different ways. For my part, around a year ago, they pretty much called me out and told me that I was to be the Volva of the North. Now, I had never heard of the term before... though through the mists as I sat in the sauna at my gym after my morning exercise, I often had seen and heard strange rituals and the voices of what I took to be possibly Lapland shamans... strange stuff.

Anyway, this was all tied in with my study of the Runes, receiving the daily Words of Wisdom and lots of other stuff, part of which pushed hard to fuel my already existing desire to move north, to Maine in particular, and to buy a bit of land. It was there (here) that I was told I would practice this addition to my path.

Studying a bit, I learned that apparently the Volvas were wise women, seers, who traveled about from place to place and served their people. Now, I was specifically told to be planted, as it were, and to offer the Wisdom and Sight to "the larger community"... specifically not to just fellow travelers. Actually it came across a bit stronger than that, more that while those who followed my tradition would hear and listen, my words would be aimed outward, elsewhere...

Anyway, back to the Grove... It is to be the anchor post for my working here, on tree for each of the ladies. Frigga's Birch already stands near the entrance to the land... Now there is little written about a tree correspondance for each of the Ladies so as I learn about trees, and think about Them, They are revealing what variety each will have to anchor and mark her spot around the circle. The back field in which the Grove will be planted, will likely be planted to trees to the North at least...various sorts, as a windbreak as well. I am thinking the south part of the field may go to grain. I am still working out what tree goes with whom; some will be likely the tradtional sacred trees (and of those, the varieties that do not end up associated with a Handmaiden will be planted somewhere, as I can find them) and some likely not. I know for sure at this point that Hlin wants Holly and I am leaning toward apple or willow for Eir... I have seen that there will be a pine, and an oak... Eventually there will be a stone, suitable for sitting on, near each of the trees, inside the circle. I think there will be a stone circle for the Needfire in the center, but that is not yet clear. And it will be to this place where I come each Friday, at some point, to commune with Frigga on her day.

And now, the muse has left and deposited me back firmly in mundane 2008, on a foggy morning in West Corinth, where the oatmeal calls from the cupboard and I wonder whether I will find the time and energy to make apple pies today or simply apple crisp, whether I will get the clippings raked and K will get the new garden cart assembled (THAT is a tale all its own... the parts do not fit together well), how many more pages I will get laid out for the Words of Wisdom book, whether or not I will get to the hex signs that need painting and the illustrations for the Moose book as well... and still there is client work -- essential as is brings needed cash -- a calling.


Juli said...

Much healing and strength for you !! Do you know what the cause is ?

I so love the fog, tho not having to drive in or be out where other folk are driving. But at home safe the fog feels magical and comforting and filled with secrets.

I can't remember how I found your blog here, or maybe you fond me ? But I'm glad either way, I missed talking to you in WWAO and had thought about since :)

Jj Starwalker said...

I had thought it was just my dust allergy kicked up by the under-the-house fiberglas party last week... then I irritated my eyes getting soap in both when I rinsed my hair in the shower (I usually do a sit-down bath, but was making sure to get myself totally de-fibreglassed). However, that shouldn't be still mommicking me. K's shrink said "there is a bad cold going around" and though I don't feel THAT bad, it could be that bug trying to get me. I have been in more medical offices of late than usual, driving and accompanying K, and you know how those places tend to attract sick folks! LOL So at this point it's just the low-grade yucks... a bit of puffy eyes, congestion, lack of energy/motivation/strength.

I am craving winter squash, so I think Vit A is calling me... so I am just taking it a bit slower and trying to listen to the body. Wish I had a good sauna hereabouts.. heck ANY sauna..

And I am glad we found each other again too... I really enjoy reading your blog!

oldcrow61 said...

Thanks so much for the information about the Handmaidens Grove. I do know about the stone circle. A friend had made one years ago having huge boulders brought in by tractor. When I walked through into the circle, the feeling of great energy was amazing. A great sense of peace as well. Hope you're feeling better soon.