Sunday, November 23, 2008

Freeze drying laundry and other thoughts

Well, it starts in earnest now, my new working schedule. I got my next week hours yesterday, and it seems that mostly I will be at the store from noon to 8 pm, which does not mean I am closing. They seem to close at 9 this time of year, at least. I work that shift today and then again tomorrow and Wed, but on Fri I am there during the day (9-4) as that is the day they get most of their deliveries.

This beats the heck outa 3-11, which used to be my favorite shift when I was younger. Here and now, though I get up at or before dawn and starting at noon still allows me to have a productive day before work. And work will become more routine as the weeks wear on.

Today I have worked a bit troubleshooting a client's online store front, and hung out two loads of wash. We are predicted to have wet or snowy weather for the forseeable future, starting tomorrow, so I decided to see if clothes will freeze-dry in Maine like they used to in CO. I don't remember the constant wind, though, on the western slope (though it did blow a lot there, too) and it was doing a number on the wet wash, freezing things in the first load before I could even get them on the line! I am thinking that we will likely install the clotheslines (two metal poles with plastic line -- that I would like to replace) that were left with the place but not installed next spring in a more sunny location. I guessed wrong as to how much sun at the current clothe tree's location, which is shaded by the garage much of the day now. I have told K to bring the stuff in before dark tonight and to plan on laying it over the inside drying rack no matter what. It will be a full rack with the two loads, but as his nerves do not allow him to be able to tell the difference between something that is wet and something that is only cold, it's the best deal. I will feel them when I get home and adjust as need be.

Got the tree out of the car and the car cleaned out, and found the stand but unfortunately the bolts for the tree stand are missing... I am sure they are in a pill bottle, labeled and put in one of the two small boxes into which we put loose hardware eons ago when we were packing to move, but I have no idea where that might be at present. New bolts can be bought, on Tues most likely when I am planning a quick trip into town.

On that shopping list are: ribbons and possibly other decor for the wreaths (our small one is shown at left), graham crackers and sugar-free chocolate pudding mix as requested in addition to the apple and pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving, and a post office and bank run as usual.

I am hopefully not going to be writing much about working at the store, as I am intending that this will not be a major focus of my life. It is something that must be done, but in all honestly is the least of all the things I do. But at present, it is a bit more of a focus than I would like it to be, as I try to adjust my schedule. It doesn't work for me to eat late at night and having to be at work by noon kinda puts a kink into the "dinner at noon" option, so I am going to see about eating two meals instead of three at least this time of the year when dawn comes late. I get a sandwich off the menu at work, pop and chips for free but I also don't want to add that much pop and chips to my dient so... I dunno... I will likely see to take leftovers on the evening hour days, and hopefully have enough of them in the house that K can find something to eat as well.

I am going to post pics of yesterday's snowfall... K took these while I was gone.
My gargoyle and sign on the porch

And this is looking out the office window, to the east.

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ooooh, I like that gargoyle. I have a few myself.