Friday, November 28, 2008

Buy Nothing Day

Well, gee.... the commercial chaos begins and I am thankful that my store doesn't carry "consumer goods." I will have to go to town today -- Bangor, after I get off at 4 -- because I didn't get my paycheck (which was written Tues) until Wed, when I worked a late shift, and need to do the bank and post office run.

Normally I support the concept of "Buy Nothing Day" and aim for a "buy nothing Christmas" -- instead focusing on small home made gifts, as I have for years. Heck, from Thanksgiving to after the first of the new year, I pretty much only set foot in the grocery store, the gas station and if necessary, the drug store... not necessarily as a political act but as one of self-preservation! LOL And I will add, into those as little as possible... It can seriously help the budget, too.

So in that context I will still be on the usual track, though I will likely stop at the grocery store today as well as the credit union.

I know the retailers and producers are all hurting, everyone is hurting in some ways, but I was never convinced that our slide toward the throw-away world was the right one and still am not. And I will continue on my current path to live as lightly as in practical.

In touching a bit on the theme of yesterday, one of the things I am thankful for is the blessing of a job close to home. My current "commute" is 3.3 miles, and I live in the country, folks! And I am thankful for good friends -- both online and off -- like the ones with whom we had Thanksgiving supper yesterday... Our hosts and their family, other friends as well, and us... all sitting around the table behaving very much as if we truly were one big, somewhat dysfunctional family! LOL Truly, it is wonderful to be with folks who don't feel compelled to keep their masks -- their "company faces" on, where we can all relax and be ourselves and still get invited back again.

And I am thankful to be here in Maine, looking at going to NC for a long weekend next week, instead of being in NC and having just returned from a far-too-short weeks vacation in Maine. I am thankful that K is able to see the doctors and they are working to try to get to the root of all that ails him and thankful that -- once he sets his mind around the idea that he CAN see a dentist (he is covered for it...) -- he will be able to. do so. I am thankful for the many useful things we have -- may they live long and prosper! -- especially the Subaru, so suited for this climate (so said, as I need new tires on my truck and had to seriously rock it after work Wed to get out of the mudhole I had parked in).

I am thankful that my kids have each other, out west, and strong sister bonds, that they and the babies and families are mostly healthy and those who aren't, are at least improving. And there is much much more, but I have things to do today and therefore must get on track for the day.

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oldcrow61 said...

I agree with you about insane shopping done this time of year and the throw away world we live in. I too live in the country and this frenzy doesn't affect me like it does most people. Sounds like you had a lovely Thanksgiving.